Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello students...


Due to the lesson that we have learnt before regarding Malaysian culture, today, I want you to write an informal letter. The instruction is shown as below. You may use the points discussed; crafts, cuisine and games if you want. Other points are also acceptable. Read the statement below and write a good piece of informal letter..Wish you all the best and good luck..!!

Next month, you are going back to your hometown to spend your school holidays for a week there. You are inviting your friend from Singapore to come to Malaysia and visit your hometown. Write an informal letter to your friend and share with him/her what is there so special about your hometown and what are the activities that you have planned during the school holidays.

Your essay should not exceed 350 words and the essay should be posted in your blog by 11.59am on Monday. Late essay will not be given any marks. As for the best essay, a reward will be given as a token of appreciation from me. Thank you for your cooperation. See you in class on Thursday, 9.30am.